Hear the howl cut the silent night
Feel the Goosebumps on your skin
He’s close and there is no woodcutter to save you
another move and you’re dead.

Hear the trees rustle behind you
Turn around, if you dare
see the hungry eyes staring into your soul
Turn away and utter a silent pray.

Hear the cackle from the dead,
they’re counting down the start of your nightmare
let’s see if you can run fast enough
Oh, remember, he loves a good chase.

Hear the heavy breathing near your ear,
Can you feel his smirk yet?
Did you actually think you’d escape?
His teeth gives away his true intentions

Hear him snarl before he finally has you under him
Scream, scream louder, if you can.
Fairytales are beautiful, but Reality is the harsh truth
The Big Bad Wolf always wins.


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