Day 5 (I’m so sorry, I had really bad internet!)

She walked in wearing a red gown. She walked in with red lipstick and hair carefully tossed on her right side. Black six inches knocking against the wooden floor. A smile and a lip  bite, as she teased the man, tied up in front of her.

She maintained eye contact as she slowly rubbed his crotch, bringing the muscle to life. Slowly she brought her lips to his clothed crotch and sucked it, leaving a trail of red lipstick on his fawn coloured trousers.

As she smiled to herself,  she heard a small gasp from him. He was hard and the strain was clear from the small patch visible on the trousers. They both knew what was coming next, but he wasn’t ready for her taking off his trousers in a leaving him in his underwear. Or when she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, leaving tiny love-bites on his chest.

Naked and tied was how she liked them. It made them weak for the finale. She liked toying with them, make them beg and grovel for her attention. She was the mistress and they were just her toys.

She took off her gown with one move and stand on his crotch before wrapping her arms around his neck.

Just two layers of underwear stood between her and his hard member, and he could not stand it. He tried rub himself on her, but with little success.

Finally,slowly rolled his  underwear down. Naked as the day he was born.She moved a little back and cocked her head on a side. His penis was leaking and writhing. Big with veins ready to pop. So delicious.

She wore her clothes back on and slipped into her heels.

And finally undid his gag.

“Aren’t you too dressed for a murderer?”
He tried to snarl, but after hours of saying nothing and a few minutes of sexual torture, it sounded like a hoarse whimper.
“I give demons a taste of heaven before hell”
A light hearted   voice that sounded like summer
Then she kissed him.


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