Day 7

What do we do when you’re guilty?

We try to over compensate. Plead for forgiveness and ask the other person what we can do make them trust us again. That’s usually how we try and make up.

Occasionally, we don’t act like we’re guilty. That can happen because either we’re extremely guilty and it hurts every time we think about it OR if we don’t believe we are at wrong at all.

So what happens, when you’re not at fault and are still made to feel guilty?

That’s the worst. The power the other person has on you. They guilt trip you into believing how wrong you are. How you cause pain and misery or inconvenience.

Somehow it’s  even worse when someone makes you feel like that because you can’t talk back and stand clear, because then they’d patronize you and say how you don’t accept your mistakes. You can’t vent out, because you’d be in trouble.

I become You become an easier target because maybe, you seem to do the problem frequently. That makes your life harder.

So would you smile and ignore it?
Or would you just growl back?

It was hard for her to write more, still consumed by hurt and upset about what happened. She closed the book for the day and sighed.

“Conceal don’t feel. Just let it go.”


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