So I tried something new and while It’s different, Please accept it.

She was hidden,
Hidden behind styled black locks.
Hidden behind long shapely legs,
Hidden behind her own oval face,
The witch was hidden in plain sight.

She appeared normal to all,
Her mouth said common words,
Her brains thought common thoughts
Her body moved to common moves,
So the witch hid in plain sight.

But she slipped, time and again,
Her laugh slipped back into a cackle,
Her eyes stayed opened too long,
And her thin long fingers looked more witch like,
Wrapped around another’s wrist.

The witch hid in plain sight,
She turned more human,
But witchery in her blood.  
With hooded eyes and a scary smile,
Oh Darling, a witch is only a girl
till you get her angry…

The ice cold death grip hangs around me,
As she whispers a tale about another
Words drip like honey, but feel like flies
Thin lipped and small breasted,
She controls the weak and hurts them.

The witch, chooses me as her apprentice,
Burdened by her own desires and claims,
She crushes mine.
A pet to poke and play and watch
The gentleness I once sought out,
Turns cold, harsh and cruel.

Oh Hera, protector of the weak,
Take this Medusa away.
Let me live once again.


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