You Seem To Me

that’s what I saw you.
Ever ready with a smile, sometimes even with a wink.
You charmed me with your words.
Allowing you into my heart was the easiest thing,
and there you shall stay.
You’re ethereal to me

that’s what you feel to me.
Beautiful, in the most plainest of ways,
the way you held the book you loved
or in the way you slept.
Your beauty lay in the way you acted

that’s what you became.
Your ice heart froze time,
because we’re still in the mess we entered.
You hid, you cheated, you smirked, and you turned cold.

that’s what you feel on the big bed.
I added you to the list of silent exits,
simply, because, I started a new game for us.

that’s what you must feel at night.
You should feel what I felt.

that’s what this game makes people I play against feel.




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