The night sky winks at me, teasing me, as if she was about to reveal all my secrets, challenging me almost. But she was the only one who could get away with it. She was the only one who knew all my secrets.  It’s been years since I lost him. I thought I had learnt my lesson then, but then history repeats itself.  I thought I was old enough to know better. I crept too close, too soon. Overwhelmed with love and desire, I sought him out.

Why do you insist on hurting people?
Don’t you know better than this?
Do you see how people try and shun you away?
You’re the main cause to my headache!
Your love burned him.

I heard all the abuses, all the curses. Finally my mother tried to convince me that maybe it was best if I stayed alone for a while. I did.  Years of solitude and angst, and I burned in my shell.  My own issues increased. I was angry and I glared at everyone.  They were the reason I was like this.  They made me like this. My mother made me like this. Why did she make me dark and hot tempered?  Why did she take him away from me?  My solace, my peace, my lover, my friend.

We did meet again. We worked together, so it wasn’t difficult to see that fair face.  But we barely spoke.
This carried on for a few years.
But then
I fell in love again.
I did it all again in the end.
At least now I knew what was going to happen.
Only worse.

I remember seeing a young boy, barely a day over seventeen, crying. He was cradling the body of another boy.  He had lost someone.

We aren’t so different now ye and I, I thought to myself.

I am going to see him again today.
I have been warned not to even look him.
I am so, so bad for him.

But as I see him, time around me seems to stop.  I find him a tad weaker, but the same smile as he winks at me.
I can’t breathe, heat rushes around me. I stay still while he waltzes over towards me.

“One would think that after the third solar eclipse, I would get rejection.”  He grins at me.

Oh, those pearly white, that cheeky grin.

“I never rejected you” I cannot help but whisper.
“I know and I know what they say…. But I don’t care. I love it when you bottom.”  He whispers back, wrapping his arms around me. “Dear Solar, I don’t mind using my all, just to see you under me.”

I blush, the red that comes naturally to me looks furious against my face. “Knight of my life, I love you, but let’s not do that for a while. I am stronger than you. I could have burned you cold.”

He doesn’t bother answers, leaning against me, but eventually  hums, looking at the sky around us before standing on his toes and murmurs against my lips “Then I’ll settle for the best night of my life, can you give that to me” before kissing the life out of me.

Oh, yes. I am willing to put up with night puns from him for the rest of my life, if I get these kisses forever.

I love you, my moon.

The stars never shone brighter than today.


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