A Vampire’s Curse

The taste of your blood, so sweet
the way it’s soothes my parched throat,
I feel my wounds close
My body reformed into its perfect porcelain.

Daylight find me hiding in between shadows,
With every heartbeat, I find myself hungover
With every death, I find my companion
In this cold dead world.

The dusk finds me waltzing
Finding a partner to dance with,
With screams of strife,
My pet, your fear buys me dinner.

Your essence of life,
Your longing to live a pig’s life
It is my precious treasure,
A pig must die one as well.

A luxury and a bore
in knowing life has no length.
Allows me many to warm my bed
a tragic consequent in my dull life.


Denied to walk among living again
I contain my anguish,
Oh to feel the softness of a breast
Oh to stop playing with my food.

Your blood,
My alcohol my drugs.
Demon of the night,
The devil to your dreams.

Seeking and feeding,
Always out stalking prey,
Sucking on humans bleeding,
I flee at the coming of day.

You humans are nothing compared to death’s scope,
With the full extent of my wrath,
You humans just pray and hope,
For I am destined to walk Satan’s path.






Death walks into the battleground with her head held high.
Her white dress flows behind her,
A stark contrast to the dirt filled bloody ground.
Some beg her to warm their beds,
Others spit at her face.
But she walks on with tired eyes.
Two children and two lovers in two and a half minutes,
Life loses this round.


You think that you’re locked in this cage called a relationship
You assume that what we’re doing is just lying
You think I don’t know about you’re secret rendezvous
What you don’t realise, is that my heart still beats when I hear you laugh.

You say that I confine you,
that I suffocate you.
Yet I give you space to explore, to travel, to learn, to love;
Only, you learnt it all, but not love me, as I do.

You think you can hide those love bites with a new scarf,
and say that you hurt yourself the previous day.
But I know better than to ask you how you fell,
Because in reality, the only one that is hurt is me.

You say that you can’t wait to run away from us
But don’t you see how all I wanted to do was to make you happy
You keep seeing your pain and assume I want the same as you do
But I don’t, I just wanted us.

You say you’re just a slave here, you’re in pain
That you can’t get out of this relationship
But what you don’t see are these chains tied across my heart,
If there is a slave to pain, that would be me.