Death walks into the battleground with her head held high.
Her white dress flows behind her,
A stark contrast to the dirt filled bloody ground.
Some beg her to warm their beds,
Others spit at her face.
But she walks on with tired eyes.
Two children and two lovers in two and a half minutes,
Life loses this round.



He could barely contain his breathing, seeing them together. He watched him stroking her arm, her smile responding to the intimate gesture. His heart was conflicted, how could he ever confess, when the object of his affection had someone else in their mind?

He didn’t realise when he started walking towards them as they both looked up from their coffees. As their face brightened, he could feel his heart hurt. They were perfect together and he knew it, even if they couldn’t see it. Why did his feelings insist on tearing her away from him, when he knew his fantasies could never come true? He was their best friend, who wanted nothing more than to see them both happy and he knew that they would be the happiest with each other. But yet, all he wanted was to be seen as more than just a confidant, more than just an agony aunt, more than just a best friend.

But how could he when all he could see was h….

“HI!! Where were you? We’ve been waiting for so long” The tall boy looked across at him.

“I- um… Traffic” He stammered

“This was the first time you never called, do you know how worried I wa-“ the former tried to restart

“YAH! Who cares, as long as you’re here now, I’m hungry, quickly order something” The girl interrupted

He knew, that she knew how he felt. He knew she knew from the start, right from the moment he had walked in on their kiss. He knew she wished that things were different. But they weren’t.  She had the school’s heartthrob that everyone wanted. He knew that she honestly did not want to give that up.

They finished their coffees and walked out to leave, the couple immediately noticing something that had been distressing their best friend.

“Okay, spit it out” The boy spoke
“There is nothing to say” He stopped
“Liar” She whispered
“You like someone”
“DO I KNOW THE GIRL? HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME? What kind of best friend are you?”
“It’s one sided”
“Her loss”
“I don’t think so”
“Well… Can’t you set him up with your friends?” He turned to his girlfriend
“I don’t think that would work” She said, looking at the boy in front of her who was clearly struggling with an inner turmoil.
“Urgh, just try? Okay, what’s the name?”

She wanted to move away, unable to control her own feelings. She knew her relationship was hurting him. But she loved him so much, both of them- Just one in a romantic way and the other not.

She looked him in the eye and realized he was going to finally say it out loud.

“I need to go to the washroom” She murmured quietly, quickly getting up, wanting to walk away unable to see the heartbreak that was inevitable.
“Stay, he’s going to tell us the name” Her boyfriend said excitedly

She looked back at the boy who was opening up to them. He looked pained, conflicted, hurt but nodded “Stay”.

She stayed.

He looked at his best friends, the school’s model boy and the charming girl who acted more like a brother than his own brother did.
He looked at his best friends, and cursed himself for ever having to face this day.  Looking down he said

“I like you”

She heard it. So did he. Both of them stared at him.

The boy looked up.

The boy in front of them wasn’t looking at the girl, but the guy.

The boy finally laughed at his best friend’s ‘confession’

“Fine, I won’t ask you”

He missed hearing the latter’s heart break but saw the face that smiled at him.

“It’s true”

He took him in a headlock and continued laughing.

She was the only one who saw the pain her best friend was in.

[PROMPT: REPLY 1997; The relationship between Seo In Guk & Howon]

Envy- Seven Deadly Sin Universe

The shutter clicked and it sounded as if it had deeply inhaled. He felt the same. The roundness of her swollen nipple, as she pinched them, made her throw her head back.  She stripped of her thin lace underwear.

He stared at her clit. The reflection from her well placed mirror.

It looked pink, and soft, and almost entirely hairless, aside from a red stripe that seemed like a perfect landing strip to guide his way. His hands almost shook when his camera caught her fingering herself to climax.

But he was a professional.

The first time was in a bar.

He heard her first. The footsteps of nine inch heels.  He smelt her next. Musky, yet feminine. Then he saw her. Right in front of him. He stared at her full breasts bouncing as she danced. The way her dress skirted a bit too high as she moved. As she sinfully bit her lip.

That was the first time he saw her.

He traces her soft skin through the pictures. Wondering who would be touching them at that very moment. A flare of envy rushes through him. That should be him. Worshipping that nipple or sucking that neck.

He wants it.


The second time was outside her apartment’s building.

He stood there as she walked into the building in a hurry. The pouring rain outlined her black bra, her top wrinkling up as she tried to open the stubborn door.

He stood there until she entered her first floor apartment. Watched her strip off her soaking top and her shorts before she hurried to draw the lace curtains. They did nothing to hide her from him.

Under the pouring rain, he finally focused his camera.

He imagined how she’d feel under him. Some days she’d be loud as he’d finger her tight clit, hungrily grinding on them. Others she’d eagerly suck him off.  But he comes the most to the sound of her whining in the back of her throat, so desperate that she resorts to begging, a string of ‘pleaseohpleasepleaseplease‘ shamelessly escape her lips. It would give him a rush, an incredible high that his mere presence can reduce her to this, to a pleading mess writhing underneath him.

He wonders if cum stains the photographs. Though her clit look good with it on it.

Then there the time  near her office, a café.

She was with a man. Her boyfriend presumably. Someone he had seen her before.
They sit in a corner. He sits diagonally across.

His camera captured moment that people wouldn’t have noticed.

His hand in her skirt. Her legs quivering. Him pulling two fingers from under her skirt. She sucking them while still looking at him.

The last time was in her bedroom. He waited till she fell asleep before slowly stripping off her covers. His imagination did not let him down. His fingers stroke lines on her skin. She moans and turns.  She looks good naked. Sleep. Drugged, not heavy enough.

He finally kisses her. Coaxing noises out of her. Not too harsh. He wants this to last.
It simply fuels the need possessing him because her lips taste of the pleasure to come.

She doesn’t move when he prepares her. But he ignore her, taking his time stretching her. Three  fingers in. He now knows she can take it.

She moans. And grinds. Moving her hips on the fingers that fuck her.

She moves,  signalling her awaking. He thrusts in fast, his nails digging into her hips. And then she hisses, wide awake with fear. That only adds to his pleasure. He’s prepared for this. He covers her mouth with his handkerchief and she falls back on the bed. He continues his thrusts. His sucking. His marking. And stops when he’s finally satisfied.

The bed stops creaking.

He pulls back to admire his handiwork. The swollen, red lips, hickeys around her neck and breast, topped with his cum. Some in her, some on her.

It does look good on her.

It doesn’t matter if he couldn’t hear her worship his name.
Maybe the next one.
He is a professional after all.


You think that you’re locked in this cage called a relationship
You assume that what we’re doing is just lying
You think I don’t know about you’re secret rendezvous
What you don’t realise, is that my heart still beats when I hear you laugh.

You say that I confine you,
that I suffocate you.
Yet I give you space to explore, to travel, to learn, to love;
Only, you learnt it all, but not love me, as I do.

You think you can hide those love bites with a new scarf,
and say that you hurt yourself the previous day.
But I know better than to ask you how you fell,
Because in reality, the only one that is hurt is me.

You say that you can’t wait to run away from us
But don’t you see how all I wanted to do was to make you happy
You keep seeing your pain and assume I want the same as you do
But I don’t, I just wanted us.

You say you’re just a slave here, you’re in pain
That you can’t get out of this relationship
But what you don’t see are these chains tied across my heart,
If there is a slave to pain, that would be me.

You Seem To Me

that’s what I saw you.
Ever ready with a smile, sometimes even with a wink.
You charmed me with your words.
Allowing you into my heart was the easiest thing,
and there you shall stay.
You’re ethereal to me

that’s what you feel to me.
Beautiful, in the most plainest of ways,
the way you held the book you loved
or in the way you slept.
Your beauty lay in the way you acted

that’s what you became.
Your ice heart froze time,
because we’re still in the mess we entered.
You hid, you cheated, you smirked, and you turned cold.

that’s what you feel on the big bed.
I added you to the list of silent exits,
simply, because, I started a new game for us.

that’s what you must feel at night.
You should feel what I felt.

that’s what this game makes people I play against feel.




Mother, help me mother,
I hear the sky growling
The storm clouds gather around me,
It sounds the final bell.

Mother, save me mother,
I hear the impatient horses
The crowd dies around me,
I only see my final bed.

Mother, look at me mother,
I hear the battle cries
The acceptance on my face is clear,
I stand to face my final encounter

Mother, hear me mother,
I hear the crack of the gun
The end is so near,
It waves it’s final goodbye

Mother, hello my mother,
I hear your voice
I’ll see you soon,
You are the final word on my lips.

So I tried something new and while It’s different, Please accept it.

She was hidden,
Hidden behind styled black locks.
Hidden behind long shapely legs,
Hidden behind her own oval face,
The witch was hidden in plain sight.

She appeared normal to all,
Her mouth said common words,
Her brains thought common thoughts
Her body moved to common moves,
So the witch hid in plain sight.

But she slipped, time and again,
Her laugh slipped back into a cackle,
Her eyes stayed opened too long,
And her thin long fingers looked more witch like,
Wrapped around another’s wrist.

The witch hid in plain sight,
She turned more human,
But witchery in her blood.  
With hooded eyes and a scary smile,
Oh Darling, a witch is only a girl
till you get her angry…

The ice cold death grip hangs around me,
As she whispers a tale about another
Words drip like honey, but feel like flies
Thin lipped and small breasted,
She controls the weak and hurts them.

The witch, chooses me as her apprentice,
Burdened by her own desires and claims,
She crushes mine.
A pet to poke and play and watch
The gentleness I once sought out,
Turns cold, harsh and cruel.

Oh Hera, protector of the weak,
Take this Medusa away.
Let me live once again.