A Vampire’s Curse

The taste of your blood, so sweet the way it’s soothes my parched throat, I feel my wounds close My body reformed into its perfect porcelain. Daylight find me hiding in between shadows, With every heartbeat, I find myself hungover With every death, I find my companion In this cold dead world. The dusk finds… Continue reading A Vampire’s Curse


3 AM

It starts at 2AM, after the party ends and when you have enough time to clear up. It is when you finally have time to sink down on the ground, and observe everything around you. The way strangers lay drunk on your favorite couch, where you see your roommate snogging a guy who’s not good… Continue reading 3 AM


He could barely contain his breathing, seeing them together. He watched him stroking her arm, her smile responding to the intimate gesture. His heart was conflicted, how could he ever confess, when the object of his affection had someone else in their mind? He didn’t realise when he started walking towards them as they both… Continue reading Saranghae?

Envy- Seven Deadly Sin Universe

The shutter clicked and it sounded as if it had deeply inhaled. He felt the same. The roundness of her swollen nipple, as she pinched them, made her throw her head back.  She stripped of her thin lace underwear. He stared at her clit. The reflection from her well placed mirror. It looked pink, and… Continue reading Envy- Seven Deadly Sin Universe