The Last Night

You bring me dead flowers,
with the colour rising in your cheeks.
Flowers that drip with emotions of broken families,
flowers that mean nothing to the dead, but everything to me.

‘You seem tired,
has it been a long week, my lord?’
Death and Immortality takes its toll on you,
maybe I’m a sadist, but your pale face shines with the midnight dew.

We sit by the river side,
Oblivious to the world on the other side.
Black waters, Black skies, I fell in love with despair,
with the taste of your poison and your hands in my hair.

Spring is near, you whisper,
we both feel the warmth on my skin.
‘Shush my love, we have the night to ourselves’,
I have you in my arms, your subjects can stay in Hell.

So you kiss me, at the end of our eternal night,
Fervent and slow, moving to our disgraced passion.
And once again you fall in love, with your hands on my hips,
With pomegranate seeds and the taste of their blood on my lips.



Day 3

I spent nights studying the stars as a primary student, drawing them, colouring them or naming them. I wanted to see what was beyond the dark sky. I dreamt of being an astronaut.

I spent nights studying the different mammals and their categorisations as a middle -schooler. I struggled with Latin names and their purposes. I dreamt of being a vet.

I spent nights studying the different wars as a high- schooler. I lost myself into the Victorian Era, or arguing at the Round Table Conferences or shouting slogans to free France I dreamt of pursuing history.

I spent nights wide awake studying different theorists, making films and documentaries and producing plays and developing corporate skills, all in college. As a fresh graduate, I still dream of producing a TV Show.

I spent all my life dreaming of a stage to sing and wow the crowds. I sang to my soft toys, to my books, to my dog and to my reflection. As a part of theme, I have always tried to hide, I dream of being a singer.

2 months out of college with a degree in hand, today I just dream to find a job.